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    Welcome to Crisis Wave We teach your staff behavior management, vebal de-escalation and physical restraint techniques that can be applied safely, quickly, and effectively to eliminate or minimize injury and damage.

Our Program

The CRISIS WAVE is a model that illustrates how difficult behavior begins, how it escalates to a crisis stage, and then de-escalates back to normal.

The CRISIS WAVE model includes the following stages:

TRIGGERING STAGE (Winding up): Subject shows initial signs of being upset.
ESCALATION STAGE (Agitation): Subject begins losing control but is not out of control. An example is Verbal Abuse: they have lost verbal control but are not physically violent.
CRISIS STAGE (Explosion): Subject has lost control and has become physically violent.
RECOVERY STAGE (Letting Go Process): Subject is in the process of regaining control over him/herself


To teach staff physical restraint techniques that can be applied safely, quickly, and effectively to eliminate or minimize possible injury to students or staff, and damage to property.


At the end of this instruction, the participant will be able to complete the following objectives using the information provided.

1. List six situations where physical restraint is authorized.
2. Demonstrate two restraint techniques that comply with facility policies and State of Virginia Child Abuse Statues.
3. Demonstrates two defensive tactics that comply with facility policies and
State of Virginia child abuse statues.
4. Briefly describe when physical restraint should be used to control youth.
5. List and briefly describe the four components of the Crisis Wave.


Minimum of Four Hours




Lesson Plan
Note Paper
Comfortable Clothes


These techniques are most effective when applied with confidence and total self-control. To maintain a high skill level that gives one confidence will require some practice with other staff members after the initial 4 to 16-hour block if instruction. It is strongly suggested that participants arrange to practice at least one hour each week. This practice must not be done in view of students and should be done with someone equally familiar with the techniques.

Effectiveness is enhanced by being in good physical condition. The students we work with usually have the energy and endurance associated with youth as well as a quick temper that provides motivation from anger or frustration. Staff members, through even a modest conditioning program, can enhance their skills in these techniques by being in better physical condition.


“We appreciate your time and patience with our staff during the training sessions. So far we have been able to use the verbal de-escalation skills, which has helped tremendously in calming the situation at hand. You are a a stickler for getting  things right, yet your classes are thorough and filled with fun. We look forward to continuing our Behavior Management training with you for the betterment of our youth."

- Karlyn Clevert Smith, Administrator Grace Haven House

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About Crisis Wave

For over ten years Crisis Wave has provided numerous orgainizations strategies and training to effectively manage crisis situations from inception through recovery.

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Seminars & Workshops

Crisis Wave offers special Seminars and Workshop from time to time.

These events help our clients learn everyday techniques to improve their lives.

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